RvB Ultimate Fan Guide Book


Red vs Blue

The ultimate, must-have book for RvB fans. With a fully illustrated, four color package this book collects 10+ years of ephemera and behind-the-scenes material, including:

  • Character dossiers and fact sheets
  • Character-driven lists, including “The Wisdom of Caboose”
  • Charts and statistics mapping out character, world, and episode trivia
  • Best Red vs. Blue quotes ever. Of all time.
  • Alternate stories and character arcs that were abandoned due to time constraints or a change in direction
  • Spotlights on the key cast and crew of Red vs. Blue, featuring behind-the-scenes stories and what the series has meant to them in their own words
  • New, never-before-seen content: Includes some annotated scripts of some of the most-watched episodes, side-stories, expanded universe material, alternate endings, deleted scenes, and trivia
  • Original sketches and drawings

Unisex & Men's

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